Athletics Mission Statement

Stetson University Athletics

Vision Statement

Develop a culture of champions athletically, academically and within the community.

Mission Statement

Stetson Athletics recruits and develops student-athletes, coaches and staff, creating a culture of champions within and outside of competition.

Core Values

Championship Culture

    • We create an environment that fosters an uncompromising commitment to winning championships.
    • We hire and retain the best coaches and staff while providing the resources needed to succeed at a championship level.


    • We act with honesty, civility and respect.
    • We are fiscally and socially accountable.
    • We operate within the letter and spirit of all NCAA, conference and Stetson rules and regulations.


    • We are committed to the daily personal and professional development and total well-being of student-athletes, coaches and staff.
    • Through preparation, discipline and perseverance, we are dedicated to being the very best in everything we do.


    • We recognize and honor our history.
    • We foster pride, passion and loyalty in support of the Stetson Hatters and our traditions.
    • We are dedicated to building and elevating the Stetson Hatters brand.
    • We actively engage campus, the local community and alumni to increase participation and support for the Stetson Hatters.


    • We develop and empower student-athletes, coaches and staff to motivate, inspire and mentor others.
    • We create an environment dedicated to positive leadership and an investment in building relationships.